Thursday 01 April 2021 Van 16u00 tot  18u30

Op donderdag 1 april 2021 kan u deelnemen aan een digitaal event met drie interessante sprekers. Het event zal gemodereerd worden door Viriginie Claes.

Op de agenda:

  • Sacha Buyck ( 

    Platform economy. The e-commerce landscape is changing dramatically, and the emergence of platforms offers opportunities to local entrepreneurs. During this session, Sacha will tell you more about it. What are the trends and developments that we as entrepreneurs must take into account? Where are the opportunities? What works well and what doesn't work for entrepreneurs and consumers? 

  • Jean-Jacques Bresse (ManoMano):
    About ManoMano and opportunities for suppliers in DIY and home improvement.

  • Tom Palmaerts (trendwatcher)
    How to see the future - are you future proof? 

    Tom Palmaerts is a trendwatcher, awarded keynote speaker and managing partner at Trendwolves; a full service trend and marketing agency with a focus on young consumers and modern families. As a futurist, he firmly believes in the power of the next generation. These creatives, entrepreneurs and vibrant youth are creating thrilling waves. Most of these thrills stay underground - at the edge of society, but some of them cause disruptions and wil influence different businesses.

Digitaal - Teams meeting,

FEBIN-leden: gratis

Niet-leden: € 250 p.p. 


Annulatie kan tot 26/03/2021 18:00.
Indien u na bovengenoemde datum toch verhinderd bent, kan u steeds vervanging voorzien.

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