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VRD is een logistiek bedrijf gevestigd in België, met een sterke focus op palletdistributie voor de doe-het-zelf (DIY) markt in de Benelux, warehousing en picking, en containertransport vanuit de haven van Antwerpen.

Als specialist in palletdistributie voor de DIY-markt in de Benelux, biedt VRD op maat gemaakte logistieke oplossingen om aan de unieke behoeften van klanten in deze sector te voldoen. Daarnaast kunnen we ook warehousing- en pickingservices bieden waar we nauw samen te werken met onze klanten om hun voorraadbeheer te optimaliseren en snelle orderafhandeling te verzekeren.

Met een geavanceerd wagenpark en ervaren personeel zorgen we voor een soepele en betrouwbare logistieke keten. De flexibiliteit, klanttevredenheid en kwaliteit van VRD maken ons een uiterst betrouwbare partner voor al uw logistieke behoeften.

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Liesbeth Van Raemdonck – - 0473720279

All Fields

All Fields - Your Trusted Service & Solutions Partner in DIY, PRO & Garden
In the fast-paced landscape of Home & Garden Improvement, staying ahead demands a blend of foresight and adaptability. All Fields emerges as the beacon of insight and anticipation, catering to the diverse needs of retailers and independent businesses across all sectors. With a decade-long legacy, All Fields has entrenched itself as a pivotal player in the Benelux market, offering comprehensive support across six core activities.
Merchandising & Shelf Remodeling
Optimizing Product Placement Instore
Instore Promotions
Boosting Product Visibility & Sales through Effective Displays & POS
Technical Installations
Enhancing Real Live Customer Experience
Store Remodeling & Inventory Management
Store relocation & Complete Refurbishment by Skilled Technicians
Home Deliveries & Installations
Provide seamless Setup & Configuration of complex SKU’s @ Home
Warehousing & Logistics
Streamlining Supply Chain Management in our Warehouses
Our commitment extends beyond mere transactions. When it comes to action instore, it's all about fostering enduring partnerships that alleviate the burdens of both retailers and suppliers. Our track record speaks volumes, with a roster of satisfied clients attesting, project by project, to our prowess. At the heart of our ethos lies the cornerstone of trust – the linchpin that defines every interaction within our organization. At All Fields, we don't just provide services; we cultivate relationships, ensuring your brands are nurtured with care and expertise."
If you are interested in one of our services, don’t hesitate to reach out: - 0032/476.35.84.34 - 0032/479.92.42.84 - 0032/493.16.47.76 - 0032/485.85.06.49 - 0031/ - 0031/
W (BE):
W (NL):
W (Home Delivery & Installations):
T (BE): 0032/3 449 74 94
T (NL): 0031/85 890 0073
All Fields operates from its offices:
Belgium: Catenbergstraat 2b, 2840 Rumst
Netherlands: Freark Damwei 50, 8914 BM Leeuwarden


Eurodisplay is an instore POS supplier creating and delivering well-executed retail solutions across our 3 pillars of expertise : Retail POS, Shop-In-Shops and Digital Interactivity, serving our clients to achieve improved conversions, ROI and visibility. 

We operate from our main bases in the Benelux & Poland. We provide an end-to-end service from design, development to production and deployment. As a +25 years trusted POS supplier, we ensure that every project is designed and manufactured with technical excellence and with an eye on the budget.

We support our clients to stand out in a dynamic and continuously changing retail environment.

Dare to challenge us!

Tom Van den Bogaert
+32 475 95 25 21

Katoen Natie

Katoen Natie creates maximum value by providing tailor-made, full service logistics and engineering solutions to a key number of customers, all over the world.
We are a reliable 3PL logistics provider that offers successful warehousing solutions, added value services & more to our clients.


We have been managing operations for many years for the major brands all over the globe and helped them to make their supply chain more resilient to the new demands of the market.

Our broad experience in the Home improvement industry has helped us to develop state of the art services for our clients, whether they be retail, wholesale, professional market, online players or outlets and we have been developing and optimizing substantially the direct to consumers flows where overall a strong growth is noted.

Get in touch with us:

Pascal Jacobs
+32 499 98 67 02


The right information, on time and in the right place: facilitating a flawless exchange of data and providing good, reliable product information is at the core of what we do. With more than 30 years of experience, SRC offers Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions to customers in Europe. With a focus on the DIY, Building & Installation, Food and Retail industries in Europe, we provide our services to more than 500 B2B customers, ranging from SME to large mutinationals.

Quality comes first, that’s why SRC’ software is always compliant with market standards issued by organizations like GS1 and ETIM. We have a long experience developing and implementing our own high-end solutions in compliance with market standards. This allows us to quickly process new standards and data models in our software and keep them up-to-date at all times. We are passionate, driven by quality, and focused on enabling data flow within the organization and across the value chain.

New (upcoming) legislation, e.g. Digital Product Passport, will change the requirements for manufacturers and suppliers on the amount, diversity, and quality of data they need to provide to customers. PIM solutions will play a key role in managing this increasing amount of data as the single source of truth, ensuring that all information is complete, correct, compliant and always up to date. SRC helps organizations to stay in control and ahead of change.

Get in touch with us:
T: +31 (0)229 233 154

VIZIR GROUP (Thau - P3 - Difm )

Founded in 2013 as THAU BENELUX and renamed in 2020, VIZIR RETAIL GROUP is a single-owned holding company that provides a wide range of Retail Services and Outsourced Field Marketing Solutions. THAU, PEOPLE AT THE POINT OF PURCHASE and DO IT FOR ME are combined under the VIZIR holding and embraces all of the associated challenges through shared and split services, making convenient use of “The Best of Three Worlds”. Our main objective is to support retail growth of our clients businesses within rapidly changing and challenging domestic and European markets. Our main Service pipeline runs from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels to Paris and Marseille. Employees and client relationships are at the heart of what we do : to win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace. Vizir associate companies and their employees are passionate and Service driven, forging experience, knowledge and commitment into Operational Excellence.

Web :
Contact : Christian PEETERS - - +32 473 48 11 92


THAU has been trading since 2004. From day one a clear strategic choice was made to offer Retail Services to the Nonfood market with a main focus on DIY & Garden. We believe that having a clear identity prevails at the end. And after 20 year, we are proud of our identity and the choices we have made in the past! As a full-service Field Marketing Agency, we provide clients peace of mind by offering a seamless integration of Operational Marketing Solutions that focus on the same goal: our clients success. Field Marketing efforts are no small endeavor. Our dedicated teams work together to combine tailormade Marketing Warehouse, order picking and logistics, retail merchandising, fair & exhibition management and customized sales solutions. Our role is to understand our clients key objectives, use our experience to help develop, execute and report clients Field Marketing plans through sophisticated easy-use reporting platforms. At THAU we truly believe we can make brands come alive.

Web :
Sales : Christophe FALEMPIN - - +32 492 60 47 12


Home installation Services by DO IT FOR ME (or short DIFM) is a spin-off of THAU, established at 2020 ‘however’ with a first mission executed in 2015. Do It For Me is an installment company working together with varied International brands and domestic retailer (Shop in Shop format) ensuring an optimum handling from A to Z: going from measurement, product logistics, full installation, maintenance and service visits or repairs. Consumers have become drivers of innovation. End-users search for quality time, service and price frustrations, willingness to spend and incapacity to deliver perfect DIY home projects, sets brands and retailers in innovating mode. Instead of selling “product-as-a-service,” DIFM deliver “product-with-a-service.” The result is awesome customer experience that can only be delivered with a human touch. DIFM combines technology automation with specialized labor to deliver a complete solution to a business problem. It’s as much about people-powered customer service as it is about product-powered efficiency.

Web :
Sales : Christophe FALEMPIN - - +32 492 60 47 12


PEOPLE AT THE POINT OF PURCHASE (or short P3) founded in 2000, is a Field & Retail Installation Specialist and has delivered consistent Service Excellence to retailers, brands and manufacturers for more than 21 years. We provides a wide range of Field Installation Services all designed to highlight clients product or service in a busy, highly competitive Food and Nonfood marketplace. Our goal is to become an integrated element of our clients marketing and sales departments by providing unrivalled installations and outstanding visibility. No business can afford to ignore return on investment : Marketing warehouse, logistics and retail installation services are smoothly aligned enabling us to work within imposed or agreed price agreements. Whether it’s a retail store, pharmacy, car dealership or food market, our clients like our consistency. This is was(what?) we are famous for.

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Sales : Tom WEYTS - - +32 477 37 82 15

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