Sustainability Roadmap 2025

Our vision is clear : Rolling up our sleeves for a sustainable future.

Our Sustainability Roadmap for 2025 includes the following strategies:

1. Climate Action : We work with our members to develop action plans that contribute to European targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Sustainable Value Chain: Our members make thoughtful choices when selecting suppliers that act sustainably.

3. Growth of Sustainable Products: We encourage our members to promote the growth of sustainable products in their assortment.

4. Human Involvement: Together with our members, we undertake initiatives to motivate employees and make consumers aware of sustainability. Together, we roll up our sleeves for a sustainable future.

The HIMA Sustainability Roadmap 2025 consists of several components to promote sustainability. One of these are informative webinars organised by pillar and open to all, with the aim of providing support.

In addition, the roadmap includes communication efforts, such as the use of social media, online platforms and blogs to promote and discuss sector initiatives.

Practical templates are also provided so that people can get started on sustainability initiatives themselves.

A concrete example of an initiative in this context is working with retailers to create 'Climate Squares', contributing to sustainability goals.

In 2024-25, we will launch several concrete initiatives.

One of these focuses on climate, where we may work on a climate plan to reduce impact.
We will also promote sustainable procurement in our value chain and explore how best to do so.
We may also introduce green product certificates and labels for our products to highlight their environmental friendliness.
Finally, we will organise a webinar on sustainability especially for HIMA member employees to raise awareness and engagement.

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