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We aim to give you more information regarding your interest in the DIY sector in Belgium and the Netherlands, and in our organization, HIMA Benelux vzw. The investment fee for a membership is very low. The one-time only membership cost is € 500, the annual membership fee € 1,500. 

You subscribe as member per country and you also pay the membership fee per country, because the services and the offer will e different per country s well as the organisational structure. 

Your affiliation is very important, and you will earn back your membership fee in one year. In consequence you will be more aware of the current DIY market info. The reason is that you will be invited to all the events that are exclusively for our members. In addition, a substantial discount from HIMA Benelux vzw on the participation fee for events that are accessible to everyone. 

Membership requirements: between the company and the association HIMA Benelux vzw, it is agreed that the company becomes a member of HIMA Benelux vzw, and pays the annual membership fee after receipt of invoice. The payment of the membership fee entitles the member to the current service. No memberships are closed on patrimony, holding or management company, unless this is the core activity of the member. 

The membership is valid for at least one year and shall be automatically renewed unless the member no later than three months before the start of the new working year (January) unsubscribes in writing by email or letter. Membership runs in calendar years (January – December). Any unsubscriptions have to reach us timely in writing. The membership belongs to the company and is not in personal title. Every member company should, and can, always decide which employees to delegate.   

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